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Register Netflix & Get Free Service Of Xbox 360

Netflix has introduced many services regarding the entertainment and ease for the customers. Not only the TV and live channel and online streaming the company have also offered the service of  for the free and with online activation. You will have to get this service from the company and then go for its activation and other processing with the ease of the internet access. For this purpose you must have to go to a process that will be conducted online at the web site of the company related to it. You can see the steps as given below for the process of activation.


  • Company has offered its services to the limited number of countries and states. It must be necessary that the customers who are interested in the services attainment by the company belong to the area and country at which company has given its provisions and streaming services.
  • You must have to go to the web site link that will lead you to the process which is relevant service provided by the Company. You can get help and further processing by going to this link that will directly lead you to the X box service. .
  • First of all give your valid email ID and password by clicking on the link at the top of the page having the title of “Member Sign in”. After you will get entered in to your account at the web site by the details that you have attained from the company. Submit this information to the company for completing the process.
  • How ever if you are unable to get in to your account then you must have to get the registration for the account. For this purpose click on the link named as “Not a member? Click here”.
  • Next enter email address, password and click on “Continue” button.
  • Next choose the card, enter card security code and expiration date.
  • Enter your gender and date of birth and provide your username and password and click on “Create an Account”.
  • After this complete the requirements for the registration and get the user ID and password for the processing.
  • After getting account you can move to the xbox activation page and make active the connection and get this service.

About Company:

Company is well known for providing the best entertainment and gaming services. The company has ultimate facilities to get online channel and movies services with affordable rates.