Tuesday , 16 January 2018
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Access My Zpay Account To Make Payments

It is an online payment system for your business as well as personal transactions. It provides multiple solutions for your e-commerce related problems, for example it provides an online virtual lock box which helps to speed up your receivables collections, also reduce bad checks with real time risk management tools and increase staff efficiency by depositing checks remotely into your account.


Anyone with the access of internet and a valid online payment account like PayPal or visa can make payments here..

How To Access?

To make payments here you must have an online business account and you need to follow these steps

  • Open an internet browser on your tablet, laptop or smart phone
  • Go to the url www.myzpay.com .
  • Click on the tab “make a payment”
  • Provide the name or the URL of the website that has been linked with it for online transactions
  • Once the field has been filled, press the go button.
  • The following link will direct you to the page of your provider’s payment plan.


Following are the pros of getting registered

  • Accelerate receivable collection
  • reduce bad checks with real time risk management tools
  • Increase staff efficiency by depositing checks online to your account
  • Lower processing costs and higher productivity by increasing your money handling capabilities extended to any computer present on the network.
  • Establish your position on the cutting edge of consumer driven health care
  • Improve brand loyalty by directing your patients to your secure and customizable webpage.
  • Eliminate unnecessary intensive manual workflow ensuring high level of internal control over cash collections


Following are the cons of making a payment here:

  • This web portal which will take you to provider’s payment plan’s page, which might not be secure rendering your information to be vulnerable for phishing.
  • A mere network glitch can alter your records for financial information hence a manual record is still maintained for secure transactions and as a proof of the transaction actually taking place.

It is a division of ZirMed which is an information technology syndicate with a thirst for streamlining the intricacies of healthcare expenditures for bill payer and their patients. With online novelties, it fits dozens of phases into an easy click. It strives to turn hundreds of difficulties and hurdles into a simple single solution.