Tuesday , 16 January 2018
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Access V-Connect Service Account Online

The v-connect service is a value-added service that aims at connecting families and friends with their loved ones who are convicted and still serving their terms. The service enables one to communicate with their loved ones directly thus increasing connectivity. The rates charged are reasonably lower and the lines can be topped up at any time before the value of airtime is fully used up. Well if you have been thinking of accessing this service online, here are the details that could assist you to sign up to the services through the internet.


  • Reliable source of internet.
  • A working telephone line.

Detailed Instructions:

  • Visit the website www.myvconnect.com .
  • On the home page, click on the select language i.e. English or Spanish.
  • The incoming page requires that you enter the telephone number and Access PIN then click on the “log in” option.
  • Fill in the required details as you continue until you complete the whole process. Do not enter wrong data as this will force you to repeat some of the steps.
  • If you want to make new account then click on “Sign Up” from the main menu.
  • Just enter telephone number and click on login button and complete the upcoming steps.


With the challenges initially faced when trying to communicate with loved ones, it is only commendable that this service has come at the right time. This service from Value Added Communications is meant to bridge the gap between families and their loved ones. By constantly being able to communicate with family members, there is absolutely no cause for alarm regarding the condition of close family members. Through this service, you can easily know what they need and take it to them when necessary. The process is now made much simpler with the advancement in technology.

By just having a direct telephone line, you can easily connect to the service online. Following the simple steps provided will make you complete the signing up process and start enjoying the benefits that come with being connected to this service. The ease with which it is done only serves to make the whole process so interesting. The rates are also affordable thereby allowing you to use the service without worrying over the costs that are likely to be incurred in the process. Now do yourself and your loved one a favor by connecting to this line.