Tuesday , 16 January 2018
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Access My Newspaper Services To Send Gift Cards Online

My newspaper service is an online tool which allows you to prescribe many electronic newspapers across 32 states of the United States of America. The main homepage comprises of the links to the official websites of these newspapers which take you to the page of customer service of the respective newspaper. The following link will give you multiple plans for subscription including only the subscription which might also include the exclusive newsletter and door to door delivery. There is a link for USA Today newspaper on top of the page which takes you to USA website. This website is a handy tool where all the news about what is happening in the country can be found. This website can also be used to send online gift cards to your friends and family.


This service is available to anyone who has internet access and is a citizen of the United States can have access to the subscription of the newsletters, but the online gift cards can be sent by anyone to anybody across the globe which will give a mere subscription.

How To Access?

  • Go to the URL www.mynewspaperservice.com .
  • Select a link for the newspaper you would like to prescribe to.
  • The link will take you to the online customer service of the newspaper. You must be a registered user to be able to get a subscription. If you are not, you need to subscribe to the newspaper. There are multiple plans for you to choose from.
  • To send a gift card we take an example of the link of USA today. Follow the link and on the home page of the USA Today, click on the link of Send Gift Card present on the menu at the left side of the screen.
  • The following link will ask you to fill out a form which will ask some information about the sender and the receiver and the newspaper for which you are sending the gift card.
  • Enter sender and receiver names and email address and click on “Send Gift Cards”
  • After filling the form, just hit enter and the gift card would be sent to the receiver.


  • You have access to your news on the go while you are using your laptop, mobile or tablet.
  • Even when you are away from home, your subscription would not get wasted and you will have access to your newsletter while the door to door service can be put on hold while you are away.


  • Subscription to too many newspapers can fill up your Inbox will might disorganize your emails and will require a constant need to clean up your Inbox.

Such tools are really important for the people on the move but they want to keep track of local news. With news on your fingertips like on your mobile phones and tablet, the world has really been minimized to a nut shell.