Friday , 23 February 2018
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Login To Lowe’s Employee Account

When you are employed, it is so important to be aware of your employee benefits.  Knowing how much sick time and vacation time is vital to remain in good standing with your employer, but other benefits are important as well.  Should you need to use them, you should be aware of your disability benefits, medical and dental insurance, and life insurance.  Those aren’t pleasant things to think about but it can give someone peace of mind to know what options they have available to them in the event that they should become necessary.

Lowe’s makes it easy for their employees to keep track of all of these benefits.  They have created a website for their employees to be able to easily access all of this information any time of the day.  You can only gain access to this site if you are a Lowe’s employee.  Once you have been hired, your employer will determine what benefits are available to you and explain them.  They will also give you access to the website.  There is a waiting period for most benefits so you will be able to keep track of when they go into effect, and any co-pays or deductibles that will apply to you and your family.

Logging in:

  • Once you are given your login information from your employer, you can access the Lowe’s employee website by going to
  • Enter your Sales Number and Password as provided by your employer.

If you are having trouble logging in, or you forget your password to login:

  • Click on the link Forgot Password below the login fields.
  • Enter your Sales Number and click Get Questions
  • It will prompt you for the security questions you setup with your employer.
  • Once you correctly answer the questions, you will be given the option to choose a new password.

If you no longer work for Lowe’s but you still need access to certain human resources information, you can also access this information online.

  • Go to
  • Look for the section in the center of the page that says Are you a former Lowe’s employee?
  • Click the link underneath that says Click here

You will be able to immediately access any human resources information regarding benefits without creating a new sign in or using a previously used sign in.