Tuesday , 16 January 2018
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Take My Krispy Kreme To Give Your Feedback

Now body can deny this fact that food is an important necessity of the life. Whether you are at home, office or go toward the far area on an expedition food is crucial item. It is not a far cry, when most of the people complain about the food spoilage during their trip.

If you are going to Plan a trip alleviate perishable items from your menu and select those items that is enrich with more carbohydrates and less vulnerable against bacterial attack. Prefer something sweet and delicious food in order to stimulate your taste buds.

Then become ready to taste the delicious and energetic glazed doughnuts offered by My Krispy Kreme in different flavors. Basically it is a fast food restaurant that offers wide variety of ice, chocolate or caramel filled doughnuts. Along with the doughnut they also deal in coffee, cold drinks and different types of shakes.

Customers are also offer special discounts on their products.


  •  Visit official website of the at www.mykrispykremevisit.com .
  • Click at the customer survey button to open a new window.
  • Write the special 16-digit code printed on the receipt in the given space provided on the window.
  • If it doesn’t work check the expiry time period about the validity of the given code. Otherwise click next.
  • Write down detail answer about your recent experience at the store and your views about the services.
  • Mark the multiple choice questions according to your selection and click on the next button.
  • Visit next window and write down the feed back and then click finish button.
  • Upon clicking on a finish button next window will be open. This window contains a code that you have to note on your receipt provided by the store.
  • Show this code at the near by store and claim for the potential reward.


The reward presented to you is beneficial in many ways. Enjoy great discount at a party with your friends and family.

Secondly, you can claim for the free drink or even a full doughnut package deal after completing a short survey.

About Restaurant:

From more then 70 years thy offer the delicious food to enhance the taste of customer under the kind supervision by Yuranan Srijan. This restaurant has the huge collection of all sweet food flavors. With every dawn they added new flavors to their menu.