Tuesday , 20 February 2018
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Redeem Your Arkansas Lottery Points For Prizes Online

Do you ever think of spending your money in a good way while having fun? or do you want to enjoy the benefits, gifts and rewards? Here at Arkansas Scholarship Lottery you will be able to help students in such situations by just joining the lottery, and if you are lucky you are going to bring home rewards and other prizes. This operation contributes to the welfare of the students when it comes to their education and the students who will be given chances will be considered scholars by this Scholarship Lottery, supporting them financially until the day they have graduated.

How To Join?

  • First you have to go to the official site of ASL, link will be provided: www.myarkansaslottery.com .
  • At their homepage you will need to look for Option login or register.
  • Login if you are registered otherwise click on register.
  • Fill up the required information needed so you can complete the process for your account.
  • Enter login information, contact information and other detail for your online account.
  • Verify your account using your email
  • After that, you can now log in your account, and you will be automatically directed at their home page, where you can play different games that suites your taste and win loads or prizes.

Redeem Points:

If you have so much points to redeem you can always exchange it for rewards, all you have to do is to follow these steps:

  • Log in your account if you are already a member and if not you must follow the first guide steps in order to get rewards.
  • Click on “Points for rewards”
  • You will be given various choices of gifts and rewards to choose from
  • If you desire something that has been offered to you, redeem it. You must be aware of the number of points you are getting and the number of points you need before redeeming the specific prize for you.

Ending Points:

However in gaining points it’s not that easy for you must won lots of games in order to have the most number of points but if you are really good it will not be a problem to you! In this case you are enjoying yourself while helping other people to reach their dreams. Good day!