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Apply At Michigan For Monetary Benefits

Natural disasters and hurricanes like tsunami, earthquake, flood, volcanic eruptions, hailstorm, heat waves, drought and cyclone can cause highly destructive damages in the human life. Most of the People lose their life, property and even physical heath due to these adverse events. These events cause the destructive damages to the vulnerable areas and make the life of the remaining people; miserable due to the sprout of different epidemic diseases in these areas.

Mi Bridge is the government company operated by the government of the state of Michigan in the united sates. They offer food supplement program by the ministry of agriculture to the victims. Funds and taxes directly transfer to this program from the treasury of the government. They issue the bridge card that work like credit or debit card on the ATM machine. Food stamp, Bridge cards and food supplement assistance program

are different programs issues by the government to get instant print of the electronic food card. To know more about MI Bridge and policies please read following list instruction thoroughly.

How To Submit?


In case of disaster or any natural threat victims can able to get free access to the food provided by government on their pointed store. Bridge cards are like debit and credit cards and use to withdraw money from the ATM machine.

About Company:

It is a food supplement and nutritional program manages by the government of Michigan a state of United States of America. They provide bridge card to the deserving people to get free accessibility of the food from the associated stores.