Tuesday , 16 January 2018
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Access Mc World To Find Joker’s Friends

This site belongs to McDonalds.  They are a retail food outlet that strives to ensure customers enjoy eating at their restaurants.  They wish to provide customers with an environment that is welcoming and also doesn’t cease in providing top notch service.  This restaurant has been around for many years and has provided endless joy to families around the world.


  • Anyone who loves to play games.
  • The person has a computer and internet.

How To Find?

  • Click on this link www.mcworld.com . You will be taken to a site that has variety of games with the company logo in the background.
  • On the bottom of the page, you will notice a button that says McWorld with a few cartoon characters.
  • Click on it and you will be taken a page where 3 buttons is available.  Click on the button that says I’m A Member!
  • Once you have login, go to the map that says Uptown.  The Uptown is normally found at the left hand corner and looks like a town that is floating.  Once you have entered Uptown, there is a place called Voting Place.  This is where you will locate your first Joker friend.  Don’t forget to click on it to keep it in your collection.
  • Next, search for YNN News which is situated on the left.  Just navigate through the area and you will locate another Joker friend.  Click on the friend and go back to the original Uptown.  Go back to the main page and find Petsalvania.
  • Petsalvania resembles a farm with a barn house.  Click on it to enter.  You will then try to find the fountain and you will see a Joker Friend there.  Click on it and go back to the main page.
  • After that, find Mt. LavaPalooza which resembles a volcano.  Find the place call DJ Booth and you will find the Joker friend waiting there.  Go back to the main page.  Click on Sunken Treasure Cove, find the sunken ship and your Joker Friend will be waiting there.  There could be more Joker Friend so navigate around the map to find them.

Pros And Cons:

The Positive Points Are:

  • By being a member, you will earn points that can contribute to attractive gifts.
  • Your children will like this game as it is fun and they can learn cool things all the way.

The Constant Customer Survey Negative Points Are:

  • You will need a computer and internet.

The company has taken many steps to make families happy.  With this added attraction, families will understand the efforts the company is making to add smiles on children’s faces.