Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Join Romano’s Macaroni Grill Survey To Share Ideas

If you want to have something a little more up-market than a fast food store but don’t want to go to a top of the range restaurant, it will be a good choice to eat at Romano’s Marconi Grill. There are now in the region of 230 restaurants spread across the United States, Canada and Mexico with a number of branches in Europe and Africa.

If you like the idea of putting your own pasta dish together, then you can create your own dish by selecting the ingredients from the ones that are available.

Just because they are not a 5 star restaurant does not mean that they are not interested in the quality of their food or staff and as a result they will ask customers to fill in a survey and say what they think.

How To Join?

  • To begin with, go to the website at .
  • You will find a number at the bottom of the receipt and this needs to be entered.
  • Now give your full name.
  • Enter your phone number – although this is optional you will not suddenly start receiving unwarranted phone calls.
  • Give your email address
  • Confirm the e mail address you gave
  • You will then be faced with a range of questions that need to be answered. They will relate to your last visit and will involve the food that was served and the way in which it was served.
  • When you have given all the information you can, press “submit”

Now that you have completed the survey you can be sure that you will have helped out the owners. You will not have your personal details passed on and you will only receive further contact if you have given your permission. There is not a guaranteed prize but you will be entered into the sweepstake with the chance of being a winner. Prizes will be cash and discounts towards your future bill at here so you will be gaining something for yourself by helping others.