Saturday , 20 January 2018
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File Lowe’s Product Protection Plans Claim Online

You can now file the product protection plan claim as provided by the Lowe Company. You can now have the availability of this facility online. For this feature you can buy a product from the company and then you can claim the product’s protection by filing the claim online. With this online feature you can have the availability of this functionality at any time and any where. For filing your claim online for product protection you will have to go through a few numbers of simple and easy steps which will guide you for your required process.

How To File?

  • If you want to take the privilege of the service provided by company and want to file a claim of product protection online, then you must have to go to the following link so that you can have a proper guide line of the further process. Open your browser window and type a link here . After you have entered that very link, you will have an immediate access to the protection plane page of the company.
  • You can carry on the whole process if you are a registered user at the company’s site.
  • Click on “My Lowe’s” tab.
  • Before starting the whole process you will have to give the email address and password with which you have an account on the web site.
  • You can give it just because if you have already created your account. If you have not an account with you, you must have to go to the “Sign up” option so that you will be able to create a new account for filing process.
  • Enter name, email address, zip code, phone number and password. Select card option.
  • After providing all the necessary details click on the “create account” button.
  • For the whole claiming process for the product protection, you must be a valued customer of the company. You will have to make some purchase of the company’s products so that you can file a claim properly on them.
  • If you are a registered user then go to the Protection plan page. Here you will have to select a product by clicking on the “Select a product” tab. After that selection, click on the “File a claim” tab for filing process.

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