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John Hancock USA Account Login & Register

It is not necessary that you start thinking about your retirement when you start having a permanent tired feeling in your body or you don’t feel so active as you used to be anymore. You can plan for your retirement when you are young and have just started your job. The John Hancock USA is a very successful retirement planning company and if you are planning your retirement by taking their assistance then you are definitely going on the right track which will lead you to a dreamy retirement of yours.


  1. You must be having a computer along with an internet access.
  2. You must be a legal citizen of the region where the services of the John Hancock USA are present.
  3. You must be a legal adult which means that you must be about 18 years or older.
  4. You must be having a John Hancock USA retirement plan.
  5. You must be having a valid e-mail address.

Step By Step Guide:

  1. Click on the link
  2. Once you have been directed to the homepage then move to the section “First time?”
  3. Click on the link marked as “Register” and you will be taken to the next page.
  4. Once you have been directed to the next page there you will have to provide your case number.
  5. If you are having any trouble finding the number then you can take help from the image.
  6. Once you have provided the case number create a username along with a password.
  7. Once you have provided the required information correctly then follow the instructions to finish the procedure.
  8. Once your registration is completed then you can easily log in to your account by providing the username along with the password and click “Log in”
  9. Now you can easily manage your retirement plan by logging in to your account with the passage of time.

What To Do In Case You Have Any Query?

In case you have any query then you can refer to the FAQs page or the help forums. You can also take help from the consultant or the customer service. You can also take guidance from the terms of uses. By reading your plan carefully you will be able to solve many queries in your mind.