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File Unemployment Insurance At IDES

IDES stands for Illinois Department of Employment Security. It is a government agency. IDES provides unemployment insurance. It’s a state operating program which helps you to make up for lost wages you would normally earn when you are out of work. It works the same way that any other insurance works. You file a claim and you are paid out depending upon your need. There are eligibility requirements. And there are many ways to file your claim.

In Order To File Claim:

  • A smart phone or computer with Internet access.
  • You’ll need to have your social security number on hand.
  •  If you have a dependent you need their social security number and date of birth as well as their name.
  • You’ll need a work history for the last 18 months.
  • You’ll need your citizenship information, or your alien registration information if you’re not a citizen.
  • If you file the unemployment insurance claim in person with a representative, you will need all of the aforementioned items as well as two forms of identification. One of those forms should be your Social Security card.

Filing Your Claim Online Is Not Difficult:

But certain steps to have to be followed correctly.

  • Use the to find the IDES homepage. You’ll find a choice for filing for unemployment insurance.
  • Use the option file online. Clicking that will give you a list of resources that you can use when looking for a job or some hints and tips regarding filing your insurance claim.
  • Click the file your online claim button at the bottom of that list.
  • You would then be asked to login with your username and password. If you have those enter them in the required fields. If you do not it will be necessary for you to register. That link appears at the bottom of the field. Once registered you may return to the login page.
  • You have to enter name, date of birth, SSN and Driver License and other options.
  • Click the blue continue button at the bottom right.

The unemployment insurance application will ask you many personal details. It is to ensure security and appropriate distribution of funds. Fill everything out honestly and completely. The Illinois Department of Employment Security website is full of other useful information and helpful links. In addition to filing your unemployment insurance claim online you may wish to see what other aid is available. Take your time as this is a very important step.