Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Enroll To Boscov’s Online HRSA Customer Care Account

Every business wants to offer good customer care service to its customers. With good customer care, a business can grow tremendously as customers will be retained and more will join the company. There will be increased sales as more customers come to buy goods and services from the business. There will also be increased loyalty as customers will always be happy and satisfied; this will lead to repeat business. Brand awareness will also increase as people will continue to talk about your services and the company. With good customer service, the workforce will also be happy as they continue serving happy customers. Good customer care can also tremendously reduce overhead cost of the company. Complain can be costly to solve as the company will be compelled to put in place training of staff and also retaining the customers though advertisement.  There are many ways of providing customer care and one of them is through online portal on the company website. Capital One Financial Corporation through BOSCOVS online customer care account helps the company to manage their customer care service effectively by allowing their customers to communicate with the company online.

How To Enroll?

  • To enroll for the online customer care account, visit the company’s website .
  • Click on enroll after getting acquainted with the features available as shown in the website
  • Using your primary cardholders information enter your account number
  • Enter your names as they appear in your card
  • Enter the social security number
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Enter and verify your email address
  • Enter your user name, a password and verify the password
  • Select your preferred statement delivery method either electronically or through US mail & electronic mail
  • Select your preferred email alerts
  • Enter a primary and secondary security questions which are easy to remember
  • Click on continue and complete the process
  • You will now be able to login using your user name and password for online customer care once your account is setup

Features Of The Account:

  • When you sign up for the online customer care account, you can benefit greatly from the service. These include;
  • Pay your bills online
  • View your statements online
  • Get email alerts on everything that happens in your account
  • View all details pertaining amount balance and their due dates
  • View all recent transactions online


  • You will be able to cut cost as you do not have to visit the company personally
  • You will be able to view all the transactions easily and at your own convenience
  • You will be able to receive alerts about your account real-time hence knowing your account status

About The Company:

Capital One Financial Corporation is a global financial institution offering financial services to all sectors and industries. Based in America, the company offers a broad array of financial services to consumers, businesses and commercial entities.  The company is listed as a fortune 500 company in the USA and is ranked as the 10th largest bank in terms of deposits. It serves of 45 million customer accounts and trades in the New York Stock exchange. It offers a diverse of services including Home loans, Personal loans, Auto loans, Credit cards and other financial services.