Friday , 23 February 2018
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Join HMRC To Make Reclamation Of Tax On Purchase Life Annuity Income

Company has offered that you can reclaim of your taxes that you have given for the purchased life by annuity income. If you have already paid you tax or you have problem with the over paid taxes and want it reclamation then you will be required to give the details of you and go to the steps as give below to complete the process.


  • You can do the reclamation Process of over paid taxes on the purchased life annuity income that is offered by the company and customers organization and that opportunity is given online by the company. You will have to go to the official link that is related to the official web site of the company so that you can accurately do this reclamation process and easily get the reclamation form.
  • You can get help in this regard by going to the link as given follows. . This is the web site with which you can go further.
  • The resulted page will bring you with different sorts of services which are provided by the company regarding different customers issues and for getting any kind of facilities. You can go to the relevant links as given on the web page depending upon your required demand and problem.
  • As for you are required for the process of over paid tax and its reclamation then click on the link of “Tax refunding and reclaiming overpaid tax” and that will only lead you to your desired process.
  • After clicking on the given link you will see the page that will contain the reclamation services on different issues and services. As you want the refunding and reclamation by the purchased life annuity income then you must locate the relevant link to this problem.  Click on the link which will have the title of “Reclaiming tax on purchased life annuity income”.
  • You will be given next the page having the issues details of this reclamation. You will have to click on the link saying “Tax and tax reclaims on purchase life annuities” and click on the link “Go to form R89 Application to receive an annuity without tax taken off” and this will lead you to the form where you will be required to enter your details.
  • On the next page click on the link “ R89 (PDF, 43KB)” form will open and you can download this form easily.
  • Give your information like your “Annual Details”, “Personal Details” and choose the “Declaration” options.. Also give the tax information below and submit all this information to the company.

About Company:

The HM Revenue and customers have made their entire services in such a way as to relief the customers and give then more chances to get facilitated. All the services are easy to get and are of great benefits.