Monday , 22 January 2018
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Take The H-E-B Survey And Get Paid $1000!

Do you appreciate tradition and hard work in your local markets? Do you like giving feedback and knowing that it is appreciated? Would you like to participate in a survey and get paid $500? How about a $1000 grand prize? The HEB chain of grocery and convenience stores is asking its customers to participate in an online survey. As a regional chain, it is important to the company that they keep a strong customer base. They want you to know that they are still your hometown store and they value the opinions of the hometown people. Use the links below and take the survey in order to enter yourselves into the sweepstakes as well.

What is H-E-B?

HEB is a line of food and convenience stores throughout Texas and Mexico. Boasting to be natives from the Hill Country, the stores offer everything from groceries to hardware and even gasoline in some locations. With over 100 years of experience as a company, HEB boasts stores in 155 communities more than 340 locations and 76,000 employees across Texas and Mexico.

Here’s How To Enter The Sweepstakes?

  • You will need to have Internet access.
  • You will need an HEB receipt.
  • Start by using the link  to access the HEB Customer Service Survey website.
  • Because of H-E-B’s location, the survey is offered in both English and Spanish. Choose the language in which you would like your survey to appear.
  • You will then be asked to enter the code located at the bottom of the receipt.
  • Enter that code into the provided fields and click the enter button.
  • Answer the questions which follow honestly and completely. H-E-B wants your honest input.
  • You  will then be asked to enter personal information regarding the sweepstakes.

Remember, it’s $500 each month and $1000 each quarter. Good luck ! They do make things bigger in Texas, even sweepstakes.

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