Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Approach Happy Meal To Get 150 mPoints

Happy meal of McDonald’s is very popular among the kids because of its yummy foods. It includes different foods, drink and toy for the kids which they like in a very impressive way. The types of drinks and foods differ from place to place. It comes in a small paper box and kids enjoy having it. In some countries, people like to give milk in the meal instead of any soft drink so it comes with the best flavour which kids like to have. The main focus of this meal is to make kids enjoy the meal and it really does the best which is the main reason for popularity of it.


  • It is a kid’s meal so one needs to belong the early age.

How To Earn 150 Mpoints?

  • Visit the homepage of at .
  • On the website, click the option “Login” which is located top-left hand side of the page.
  • A new webpage will open where you need to click on the button “get started”.s
  • Now create your password along with your mPal account and confirm the details along with some more information about you like gender, and age. Click on the “Go” to move ahead.
  • Follow the instruction given on the page and move ahead to complete the account registration procedure.
  • You may hide your real name in your mPal.
  • You should try to hide your information from sharing except your parents.

Pros And Cons:

The advantages that are linked with the happy meals are:

  • Kids like it very much.
  • It is well-equipped with nutritional values.
  • Having a toy in the box makes kids to enjoy the meal at the best.
  • Easy to carry and a kid can easy get the box in small backpack.
  • It contains delicious items that many kids love to eat.
  • Foods served in the happy meal are hygienic and hence there is not anything risky.
  • There are many children who are not happy in eat. Happy meal come as a better solution to them and fills them in the best way.
  • If you are going on a journey then having happy meal for your kid could be the best idea as it will not only fill their stomach but also would engage the kid in play.

Disadvantages Of Happy Meal:

  • It is tasty for some special occasion but should not be developed as habit.
  • Many places have imposed ban on several things of this meal.
  • Many kids like to eat meal but that sometimes make them to ignore other important meals.
  • It should not be used on daily basis.

Your child would really enjoy eating the meal and hence it becomes your duty to give her/him the best. Alongside, you should take a better control of it as many kids do not like to eat other food stuff. The taste of it is really the best and that is a reason for the success of it.