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Login To Work Source Job Seeker Account Online

There are different categories for job listing and career information of  job on this site . Search regarding to the jobs is divided into different category in order to help job seekers limit themselves to the type of jobs they are looking for. The categories of jobs that some one can search for are:

  • part time job
  • jobs for entry level
  • short term jobs
  • jobs for veteran

When you enter the website, tick the type of job that you are looking for and then search for available vacancies.

Posting Your Resume:

This site allows job seekers to post their resumes so that employers can view them and choose suitable person for the vacancies they have. If you want to post your CV in the site, go to the site and then click on post resumes icon located at the left side of the home page.

Lookup Jobs Offer:

Before you can have access to the site whether you are an employer or a job seeker, you need to register in the site. You can only access the system with your login credentials. Creating account in the site will give you a lot of benefits. For example, you can receive emails and reply to emails from employers via the Work Source messaging services.

Logging to your account

You need your user id and password in order to login into your account.

  • Go to . On the home page, click on the icon log in here
  • A new page will open.
  • If you are a job seeker, you will find the space provided job seekers to type in their user id and password id. Give the information required and click on log in button.
  • If you are an employer click the button “employers: log in her” and proceed as you are prompted.
  • You create an online account by clicking on the desire option “Job seeker Registration” and “Employee Registration”.
  • If you have choose “Job seeker Registration”. Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Enter name, contact information and SSN.
  • Select location creates online account by entering email address and password.
  • Choose five security questions and click on the registration button.
  • Create online resume or upload CV after that.

About Website:

Work Source is an official job finding websites for the Washington State. The site provides useful information about job vacancies in the states. Both employers and job seekers in the state can make use of the site. If you are an employer and you have vacancies in your business, you can use the site to look for suitable and capable employees to occupy the vacancies in your office. Job seekers can search for jobs that match with their qualifications, experience and skills in the websites. Other useful information concerning jobs in the state is also provided in the site. Job seekers will find useful tips on how to prepare their resume in Work Source.