Wednesday , 17 January 2018
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Sign Up At GE Capital For Consumer Center For Bill Payment

Our life has witnessed growth; growth in terms of living habits and technology.  Our perception of luxury has changed.  The technology has brought a change in our attitude towards life.  We are more positive; we have more time since many of our routine activities are done by innovative products.  We have plenty of products to choose from; we have renewed urge to purchase and add to our arsenal of newer technology products.  We do have many different products to choose from but our earning potential probably may not live up the purchasing power of desired products at one go.  We have to balance both our earnings and corresponding purchase potential.  We can now do the delicate balancing act without causing any heart burn to our routine fixed expenses.  The solution is financial services by third party service providers.

One needs to get registered for bill payment.  The procedure is as follows,

Way To Register:

  • visit .
  • Choose the option “Consumer Center” and click on “Register Now”
  • The greeting message before you enroll at registration screen is pleasing; The site assures you of encryption of all the registration and account data; the encryption is done to protect the identify and secrecy.
  • You will be asked to enter account number. The account number is a sixteen digit number of your card or the number mentioned in your statement.
  • You need to enter social security number which is of four digits.
  • Enter your date of birth by filling the month, date and year.
  • Once you enter the initial information and the information is validated the next button on the screen the account validation will turn green.
  • This confirms your registration is done successfully.  The account validation will then display the last four digits of your account number accompanied by the current balance.
  • Enter Date of Birth for identity verification.
  • Once account validation is done the next button review account will turn green.
  • You will be presented with a screen to input your user name and  password (the site will suggest you if the user name is available and the chosen password meets the standards.
  • Next enter security question and security answer; choose both from the drop down menu in the screen.
  • Enter your email ID and confirm the email ID again.  Remember all account related information will be sent to your email id.
  • Scroll down and carefully read the terms and conditions.  Confirm the same by checking the relative check box.
  • You can choose your option for ebill payment.
  • Click the complete registration button at the end to confirm registration.
  • Once registration is complete the next button, online profile turns green.
  • Click get started button in the screen and you will be presented with a screen depicting your account details.

Pros And Cons:

  • Do not over burden yourself while purchasing products.
  • Product is new and features are attractive; think and verify whether the product is really needed for now; do you have the finance power to pay for it? Will not the purchase hamper your other routine expenses?
  • Be aware do not over purchase and fall into debt trap.  No one prepares debt trap other than you.
  • Enjoy safe and secure purchase.

GE Capital is a reputed company serving through its financial products for more than 75 years.  They have many different financial services to offer; the financial services are tailored to suit different types of customers.  Assistance and help for financial service is always available and has presence in almost all countries in the world.