Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Get Started Fiverr Services By Making Account

Fiverr is known as international marketplace that is engaged in providing tasks and services also called as GIGS that starts from $5 as cost price on performing one job and it gets its name from it. This website is basically being used by the freelancers by which they are offering variety of tasks and services to the customers and customers render services and get the money through online job process. Presently this website is rendering almost 3 Million services in variety of way and providing the benefits with the assortment of $5 to %500. This website was firstly incorporated in 2009 by the owners Shai Wininger andMicha Kaufman which based on freelancer tasks including programming, graphic designs, writing and much more.

  • In order to have account in this service provider website, you must have valid email address.
  • Instructional Guides:
  • First of all, type the link on the address bar of browser and get the access of main official page of website.
  • On this page, you will see a small icon with green color “JOIN” click on this link which will lead you to a new small window.
  • Over here, enter your valid email ID and click on “create” button.
  • On the next page, you will be acquired to choose unique username and password and lastly security question, then click on create button.
  • Next an email will be sent by company for confirmation of account activation, check your inbox and respond accordingly.
  • By opening email, you will see “activate your account” button, click over it and activate your account.
  • This will lead you again the main official page, where you have successfully created your new account. you can also edit your profile by click on the top link highlighted with green color.

Closing Summary:
By creating your account in Fiverr, you can get many more services and task from the company. So get hurry and join this websites for acquiring many awesome services for your business as per your desire.