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First Common Wealth Online Banking Enrollment

Online banking is the most efficient and immediate way to get your banking done. It helps you manage your finances. Online banking also offers a new way to pay bills, and you don’t need to be sitting in front of your checkbook to do it.

Getting Started With First Commonwealth Bank’s Online Banking System Is Easy:

  • Visit:
  • Select the drop down menu “My accounts login” at the top of the page and choose “new online banking”.
  • The first and you’re going to see when you choose to enroll in online banking is an acceptance of enrollment terms and conditions. You may choose to print these terms and conditions with an easy button press, or you may read them online. Either way you must either accept or decline those conditions. Accepting those conditions allows you to move into the enrollment process.
  • You will then be asked for your 14 digit social security number and your First Commonwealth bank account number. When you click continue you will be enrolled and guided through a few more security steps. Information provided in the security steps should be kept in a safe place.
  • Get your login access at


  • Your online banking can be accessed from any computer or smartphone.
  • Online banking allows you to monitor your accounts, for both security purposes and for household budgeting.
  • Online banking helps you to transfer funds between your own accounts and others quickly and easily.
  • Online banking also helps you to issue check recalls, and stop payments when needed.
  • Many banks even offer their very own app.

If you have any questions there are tutorials available. There are general overview tutorials and very specific bill pay and transfer tutorials. They’re all free and can help you with the specifics of these features.

Just like many other secure sites, if you lose your password you are not in danger of losing your online banking privileges. It is retrievable. You will only need one login and password for all of the features of online banking. You do not need to login separate times to access separate functions. Using online bill pay also means that you can elect to stop receiving paper statements.

Online banking, whether it be a personal computer or a smartphone, can also be set to send you alerts of different types. This convenience let you know immediately if something happens dependent upon your settings.