Monday , 22 January 2018
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Take The Famous Footwear Survey To Get $10 Discount

Did you like fashionable shoes? Maybe they just have to be comfortable. Even better, what if these are brand-name shoes marked down even lower than manufactured suggested prices? All of the shoes were available in one store in a huge array of styles. Famous Footwear has been providing all of this since 1960. They now operate over 1,125 stores. Famous Footwear is proud to not only provide a large selection at great prices, but they also want to give you the best service. In order to do this Famous Footwear and Famous Footwear Outlet is conducting a survey. They value the opinions of their customers.

There is nothing more soothing than a  great pair of shoes. So your opinions are just as important. As an incentive they are offering a $10 coupon to every customer who participates. What are you waiting for?

  You Will Need:

  • Internet access
  • You will need the information off your last famous footwear receipt.

Taking The Survey:

  •  First follow the that appears at the bottom of this page to access the survey.
  • Then enter the information provided fields. That information is going to come from your famous footwear receipt. They will show you a picture of a sample receipt and exactly where to find that information.
  • You must have to enter store, transaction and associate number along date of shopping.
  • Once you have entered it click Next.
  • Answer all the questions honestly and completely.

Remember, this is a customer experience survey. While getting a reward is nice, giving your honest feedback and having an outlet to express concerns and give praise where it is due  is just as rewarding. You will receive your discount code and coupon as soon as the survey is complete. This survey is considered complete when all the questions have been answered. You’ll be walking lighter and more comfortably and new pair shoes, especially if those shoes are $10 cheaper than their already discounted price.