Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Take The Survey Of Family Fare Supermarket

The company that is dealing with medicine always wishes to know about the feeling and likeness of the customers about its products and services. The need of medicine is always been the most because of the rate of the diseases as it is always high. So to provide the best medicine to its customers the store is working very hard and if they are not informed about the services then it would be unfair with the company. If you want any improvement in its services then you are supposed to inform them where they are not good.

The survey is a simple questionnaire containing the questions about products and staff and the thing you have to do is to answer and it is made very easy to be taken online.


  • Approach the survey through the website .
  • At the very first page opened you will see some blank field in which you are required to enter your survey number consisting of 18 digits.
  • Click on the red colored button “start” to proceed.
  • All the questions will be shown you on the next page which you have to fill honestly.
  • After filling all the questions hit the button “submit”.
  • This is all you have to do.
  • To access the terms and condition of this site go to the following link .


Many people many think why the company does conduct its surveys online? The simple answer to this question is that they want the comfort of their customers so they conducted it online so they could save their time. The time you need to take this survey is just few minutes and for these few minutes you are also rewarded by the company. The customers can help the company to make good changings in their service so improving the functionality. All of the feedbacks are taken seriously and they took steps keeping all the suggestions in view and thus the company can work even better.

About Supermarket Store:

The family fare is a supermarket offering many of the opportunities for its customers including pharmacy, recipes, nutrition advises, hosting culinary events and much more. It is visited by many of the people around the world due to its online website. They try to offer their best services and want to know the feedback of their customers.