Monday , 22 January 2018
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Win $1500 In Esso Survey

Esso is a company that provides oil and gas to the whole world by supplying energy to ensure the standard of living of people in the world increases on a daily basis.  The company creates as well as provides energy that keeps the world moving in an efficient way.  The Esso survey was created to motivate customers in providing their feedback as well as their issues that they have experienced when they purchase any Esso products.  The company is concern about people experiences.  They want their customers to know that they care.  The survey also comes with a contest where there is a chance to win $50 and so much more.


  • People who purchase the company’s products.
  • People who have a receipt confirming that they have purchased something from the company.
  • The person has to be 18 years old and above.

How To Participate?

  • Purchase the company’s products.
  • Once a receipt is received, go to their website address at
  • Choose the language you desire.  The survey is available in English and French.
  • Once you choose the language of your choice, you will be taken to another page which advises the prizes you will be entitled to if you complete the survey.
  • On the right hand of the page, is a sample of the receipt you should receive when you purchase the company’s product.
  • On the bottom left, you will be required to key in the 6 numbers that is available at the bottom of the receipt so that you can participate in the survey.
  • You locate the 6 numbers either on the top or the bottom of the receipt.  Key in this number into the space provided.
  • Once done, click on enter and complete the survey according to the questions they ask.

Pros :

  • You are eligible to win $50 a day.
  • You will receive 10 entries into a contest where you can win $1000.
  • You can win other prizes worth up to $1500.
  • By offering prizes, the company wants to know how customers perceive them.  This shows that the company cares about the customers and what they think of the company’s service.


  • The survey could take a few minutes that could be used for something else.
  • The way the contest is done, the customers will never know how the winner is chosen.

The company prides itself in wanting to give the best to their customers.  By having the survey and offering perks that is irresistible, customers can see that the company is making an effort to please customers instead of not caring.  This kind of effort is good for the company’s image and sales.