Wednesday , 17 January 2018
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Join Engrade To Create Online Account

Providing a free utility service, Engrade is an online based shared platform designed for educators and teachers. This online service offers learning materials and digital grading alternatives to teachers and schools at district level. Registered learning institutions can join in the standardization of school curriculum at national level. As a registered learning institution, they can provide significant access to online portal so teachers and parents alike will have a more convenient way of assessing students’ performance. By using this online platform, students can also upload their school worksheets and assignments with ease. Dissemination of report cards and school performance rating will also be a lot easier for teachers.

How To Join?

  • To sign up and register an online account with this online service, you must have the proper authorization from the school. For students, they will need the access code provided by the school.
  • Visit to start the registration process.
  • On the homepage, you will see a number of options to choose from for creating an account. Choose the suitable account type for Student’s Parents, Student, Teacher or Administrator.
  • For a teacher account, you must provide key information like your USER ID and PASSWORD, complete name, address and other pertinent information. Tick the box below if you agree to it’s terms and conditions.
  • After your password and user ID is verified, click the create account button.
  • For Student and Parent account, the access code provided by the teacher will be required in order for you to be able to register and create an account. Each section of the access code must be entered correctly on the specified field.
  • After registration, you will now have your personal account. To manage your account, visit the site and click on the appropriate links on the home page.

The good thing about having an account is that it provides a whole new way of accessing school related activities that pertain to grading cards and school performance rating, worksheets and assignments among others. You can also use this portal to access new learning resources relative to the current curriculum of the school.