Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Change Personnel-Payroll Information Through Employees Express

Having control is a very good and soothing feeling and Employee Express performs the very function. It gives control to the Federal employees control over their payroll information. They can easily view the information which is perfectly secure and nobody is given access to it except the person himself.


  1. You must be having a computer along with an internet access.
  2. You must be a federal employee.
  3. You must be having an account on Employee Express.
  4. You must be a legal citizen of the region where the services of the Employees Express are available.
  5. You must be a legal adult which means that you must be about 18 years or older.
  6. You must prepare to provide the information which is required.

Ste By Step Procedure:

  1. Click on the link to visit site.
  2. Provide your user name along with the password. This will be given to you by the administration or you will have to create them while creating your account with the help of the registration code which you will get.
  3. Click on the “payroll information” so that you can be directed to the new page and then perform the changes that you want to make.
  4.  You cannot cancel a change so if you have to undo a change then you will simply have to make a new change.
  5.  You will have to provide your pass code to make the change.
  6. The change will take some time to appear in the notification of your account
  7. You can also log in to your account with the help of your PIV smart card.
  8. Make sure that the changes you are making are correct because making changes mean that you are taking the responsibility on yourself when it comes to the accuracy check of the information.
  9. On the other hand there are some things which you can’t change and you don’t have access to the options to change that certain information. The Employees Express is a very systematic and disciplined service.

What To Do In Case You Have Any Query?

In case you have any query you must refer to the FAQs page or you must refer to the terms of uses or regulations. You can also take help from the Employee Express member or from the customer help center.