Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Apply For First Bank Mortgages Online

The bank has just made this kind of experience less demanding by not accepting commissions charged on mortgages. It also tries to ensure that the rates are promising to make you save on costs. Those responsible for this kind of loans in the bank will ensure that your loan is processed quickly and that you receive a response sooner. When it comes to loans then we all know that the sooner it is processed the better. This helps to lower the level of anxiety associated with waiting for the loan to be issued.

How To Apply For A Mortgage Loan Online?


  • Reliable access to internet.
  • Own an online account with the bank.

Detailed instructions:

  • Visit the website .
  • Click on the “Mortgage” under “Apply for a Loan” option at home page.
  • Click on Brown button “Get rates and Apply”.
  • Fill in a loan application form provided online by providing the necessary information like “loan purpose & type”, “Property type, location & value” and “loan amount”.
  • Click on “View Rates”
  • You will later receive information through email whether your request was successful.


Due to the bank’s policy of having its officers as the underwriters, you will find the process quite convenient and easier to carry out. Most banks tend to make it quite a daunting task when it comes to mortgage applications. Here you also have the option of talking directly with the underwriters before you make your application. This you can do by either calling the bank or sending an email. The goals you set and the amount of money you are requesting for should be relatively comparable. The estimated value of home is also needed to ensure that you receive exactly what you request for. Failure to provide the necessary details might derail your chances of securing that loan you have been longing for. Missing out on the loan means that you will continue paying the rent you are trying to avoid paying. Your level of honesty will go along way in ensuring that you obtain that mortgage.