Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Access Discount Tire To Check Your Rebate Status

To stay ahead of competitors in business, it is important that you come up with marketing tools that will help you retain customers, add more customers and satisfy all the customers. There are many ways of doing it which may vary from one business to another. The marketing tool may be effective for one company and unsuccessful for another company. Therefore it is important that before you engage any marketing tool for your company, you do as much research as possible on it. One such way of engaging with your customers is though rebates. You can put a rebate program that ensures your customers are loyal to the company and increase your market base. Rebates increase sales at the company. The customers can use the redeemed cash to purchase other items at the store, if the cash is not enough to buy the item, the customer will top up the amount hence increasing your business turnover. Discount Tires Rebates now offer customers with a chance to redeem but of the cash they have used to purchase the tires. This results to increased sales as the company engages with its customers in a positive way.

Steps To Complete:

  • Visit for accessing to the main site.
  • confirm the status of your rebates, log into the rebates center and click on “check rebate status” tab
  • Enter your email address if you redeemed your rebates online.
  • Otherwise your have alternative method to check status by enter into your name, address and zip code and hit on “Submit”.
  • You will be able to view your rebates accounts, what you have redeemed and what is remaining

Advantages Of This Program:

  • They are highly attractive to customers as they are refunded part of the money they paid for which again to their advantage is tax free
  • For the companies offering rebates, it’s an advantage to them as it increases loyalty and brand awareness
  • It also increases sales and visibility to the company which in turn results in company growth


  • It may take longer than expected to facilitate the refund due to complex nature of processing the transaction
  • Some companies have failed to honor the rebates largely due inability to process the huge demand for them
  • Some customers also feels it is a cumbersome process and a marketing tactic for the company thus ignoring it altogether

About The Company:

This is one of the largest independent tire and wheel dealer in the USA. Started in 1960, the company has grown to over 800 stores nationwide serving more than 40 million customers. The company boasts of several awards that have been issued to them due to exemplary service to its customers. The awards include “Most Admired company award”.