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Connect Dish Receiver To Broadband Internet

Connecting your receiver to a broadband opens the doors of unlimited entertainment for you. This service enables you to manually include a never ending list of on the house content to your subscription. It works like a bonus, which let you enjoy the latest movie previews, behind the scenes clips, special offers and so much more.

How To Connect?

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  • There are a number of ways by which you can get connected to broadband services, such as using an Ethernet cable, using a power line broadband connecter or through a Wi-Fi broadband connecter.
  • To connect your Dish receiver to broadband internet through Wi-Fi broadband connecter involves several steps.
  • The first is to connect the Wi-Fi Broadband Connecter with your ViP 222k, 612, 622, 722k, 722 or 922 receiver’s USB port by the use of an extension cable.
  • Then on your screen, you can see a pop up appearing, select “Setup”.
  • Now you are supposed to select your wireless network from the list.
  • Now After choosing your wireless network, select “Done”.
  • After that you will be required to enter your wireless network password. When you have entered the password, select “Done”. This will start a test. In case if you do not know about the password, then you can ask and get it from the person who has set up your wireless network or you may also get in touch with your service providers.
  • Select “Done”, once the test is over.
  • Make sure that the reading of wireless signal being displayed on the screen is above 40. In case if it is not, then try moving the dock to get the stronger signals.
  • Once you are finished, select “Done”.
  • Then you are supposed to test your connection to make sure that the receiver is connected properly.


  • Wireless signal reading should be 40 or more that ensure a good connection.

About Company:

It was originally founded in 1980. It is an American satellite television service providers, with its head quarters situated in Meridian Colorado, United States. They have around more than 14 million subscribers and estimated 34,000 employees all over the globe, of which over more than 25,000 employees are located in United States. Their mission is to provide the high quality and excellence though their video services, anytime anywhere in the world.