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Submit And Check Directv Rebate Status Online

Lack of complete and thorough understanding of people regarding their rebates status is creating many issues and many people are not able to get complete privilege of the services properly. It has become a sign of anxiety and worry for many service holders at rebates when they are unaware of their status. It takes very long to grab all the process and work accordingly which eventually lacks the service provision by the company. Now rebates has provided the facility and services which helps a lot to many of the people to have complete understanding and knowledge all the processes at rebates like submitting and checking for the status online. Now all these processes are grabbed and comprehend by all the users.


  • If you are interested in submitting and checking for the status of rebates online then you can do it by very simple steps. You just need to go at the web site so that you can further proceed for submitting and checking for the status online.
  • For this open up your web browser and type in the browser window the following link. .
  • You will be asked to sign in as user. You will have to open up your account at there for further processing. You can have your user name and password with you if you have a registered user. If you are not register you must need to register yourself so that you can have your own account and you can perform further processing of submitting and checking for the status.
  • After you have Login to your account, you will have to provide here details regarding you like your last name, Phone and Zip code. After you have finish giving details, click on the “Continue” button so that you can be redirected to the next page.
  • At the next you will be asked to fill some information regarding status and submission process. Fill all the fields properly and then click on the “Finish” button. This process is for submission.
  • To check status online, you will have to go to the website. At the web site, you may click on the “Help “option.
  • After clicking, search for the “Rebates” option in the menu. When you will find this option, click on it. At the resulted page, you will have to click on the “View my Rebates “option. By this option you can see all your rebates which you have made before.  For viewing all your Rebates which you have made, you first have to Login to your account.


  • All the processes are made online and submitted online as well. So you must need a fast and reliable internet connection with you while submitting and checking status online.
  • For checking, submitting and other processes, a member must be of eighteen years old and above. Candidates below of the age limit will not be able to proceed further.

About Company:

It is the largest digital and satellite company providing its services from many years. It is working under an American association and providing outstanding working capabilities.