Tuesday , 20 February 2018
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Join Direct Gov To Hire Or Taxi Driver Licence To Work In London

Life in UK is very fast. Everybody has the desire to earn a lot and make his life more comfortable. People like to have their own work to do which give them a handsome amount. So if you live in United Kingdom and wants to earn a lot you should get a private taxi and start your earnings easily. Private taxi owners earn much more. In London these taxi drivers or

taxi owners live a comfortable and satisfactory life.

When you make a plan to become taxi driver you must have the license first of all. London police strictly inspected the taxis and private hire vehicle. You can get this from the Transport for London TFL. It is compulsory for every private hire and taxi driver in London to have a license.

How To Get A License?

If you have a private hire or a taxi you have the need of a license. First of all you should apply for it. There are some important key points to help you for getting a license.

  • Your license is an individual one. You can’t apply in a group or organization.
  • You are a registered keeper of the vehicle.
  • You should pay the license fee.
  • If you have a vehicle and use it as a private hire you must have the PHV by TfL.
  • Have less than 8 seats
  • Not looked like a taxi
  • Do not display any advertisement
  • There is a fee for PHV and taxis


  • Go to the website www.direct.gov.uk/drivinglicence
  • click on the link “Driving licenses for private hire or taxis in London”
  • After that click on the link “Apply For The License” of a taxi or a private hire
  • See the link to download form for apply license form, on the next tab of your browser the form will be open, here you can download it at your pc.
  • On the page first of all read the full description about the applying procedure and then scroll down the page you will see the form.
  • Tick mark the mandatory requirements.
  • Enter your personal details, tick mark the applicant check list.
  • Provide your DBS reference Number and complete the form with other requirements to fill the form accurately.


Online driving license system is an easy and time consumes way. It provides total free way to apply. This service is not a profit based service. This service is for the convenience and help of the people. You can complete all the process in a few minutes. There is no need to bother you self.

About Website:

This is a website for public service in UK. It is supported by UK government. Its task is to deliver the information and give advices to the public of United Kingdom. It deals not only in driving but also give the service and information related to education and learning, parents, employment, taxes, travel and many more.