Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Apply For Direct Gov UK HGV Vehicle License

It is very important to keep your driving and vehicle license with you when you hit the road. When you are going from a place where license checking is important and you do not have it with you at that time then it can create problems for you. In order to avoid these problems the best solution is to keep the license with you. If you do not have your license with you then you need to apply for your license of the vehicle so that you and your vehicle are safe on the road. The process to apply for the license has become easier now. It used to be difficult when there was no internet facility for such things but now it is quick and easy to manage. In order to get your license application online you have to follow a few steps.


  • First of all you will have to go to the website at  .
  • Click on the option “apply for a HGV Vehicle License”.
  • There you will go for the option of getting the license application form.
  • When you will open that page you will find the different application forms from which you will choose the one that you need to take.
  • When you have found the license you will download it from there.
  • The license application form would hold all the details about the procedure that you have to follow in order to fill it.
  • When you will get the application form, you will fill it according to the given instructions you will submit the form to the website.
  • There you go, your work is done.


  • You need to remember that you have to take care of all the rules that are asked for you to follow.
  • You need to carefully read all the policies and the terms and conditions you need to take care of while getting the license and using it on the road. It would be only when you will accept to these terms then you will be able to apply for the license.
  • You need to be careful while filling all the information very correctly.


  • The online process makes it very easy for you to fill the form and apply for the license of your vehicle.

About Direct.Gov:

The website is officially working to help people get all the licenses and their renewals very easily through online services. It can be accessed by the people for any kind of help when required.