Tuesday , 20 February 2018
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Access To Direct Gov To Renew Your License At Age Of 70 or more

If you are resident of the British national country and try to drive with any license you will have to pay the cost for it. In the past getting a license from the government company was a big problem. You have to waste your time, energy and obviously money in order to get your license.

Direct British government License Company in 2006 solve this problem and issue you online deriving license within the two weeks after the submission of the application. They also help the people in renewing of the old license, updating and different issues relating to the license. They also play an important role in making and issuing the driving license of the old age people. They work with high technology equipment to meet the growing demands of their customers. To know more about license renew process please read the following list of instructions.


  • Please visit www.direct.gov.uk/renewalat70  in your internet browser. Click on “Start now”.
  • You will notice three option one for the registered users (Login) , second is “Register” (New Users) and third is for “Re-registered” ( person who want to get new registration), click on the desire option.
  • Click on “Register” button if you want an account here , read the paragraph for the security of data and then click on “Next” button.
  • Start entering your details like title, full name, gender, date of birth and then click on “Next” button.
  • Enter your full address detail at the next stages.
  • Provide them your driving record, security details and national insurance number.
  • Enter your UK passport number and get password reminders.
  • Fill out the renewal application for the driving license and then click on submit button and get confirmation message at the end of the process.


This service provides number of benefits like you can check your driving status, address, renewal and expiry date of license and replacement of the stolen, lost or misplaced license with their 24/7 convenient services. You can also enjoy having the license within one week after the submission at your door step without wastage of time and any hustle and bustle.

About Company:

This online service starts its work from 2006 in order to serve the people in renewing their license of age 70 years or more. Due to their high level and efficient services they grow rapidly and recently they deal 30,000 transactions at weekly basis. They are also are river database maintaining company that provides their services in replacing, updating, renewing and exchanging the driving license.