Tuesday , 20 February 2018
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Join Direct Gov (UK) To Apply Job Grants

Job Grants are aimed to benefit you and improve your living. Unemployment is one of the major problems that are on the rise. When we look around we can even see highly educated people who are jobless. When it comes to job we all try to find the finest for us and our loved ones. This is the one problem that every country is facing, so their governments do all they can and try their best to overcome or at least minimize it. One of such governments is the government of Northern Ireland who works to provide the great opportunities to its citizens through Nidirect. If you want to apply for a Job Grant, you just need to inform the social services department that you are working and it will be like you have started doing another job.

Steps To Apply Online:

  • If you are interested in applying for Job Grant, first of all you have to visit their official website, at www.direct.gov.uk/jobseekers .
  • Navigate to and select the option “Job Grant”.
  • On the new page you will be taken to, you can get the general idea about their benefits and criteria, click on the link you want to get details about.
  • Then go to the second part where you will get to know how you can get the job.
  • Move to and click on “Paid into an account” for the details about payment records and advantages.
  • Third part will tell you about the eligibility and exception details.
  • Now navigate and click on “How to claim”.
  • Look for “Jobcentre Plus”, to find all the information about the application process for the job grant.
  • Complete the process, by following all the instructions carefully.


  • You should have a good system and a fine internet connection that does not get interrupted.

About Company:

This is the one place where you can get all the information about the hottest and the finest government services. It is an official website of the Government of Northern Ireland created in order to serve their valued citizens. It was launched in April 2009 and since it has been working vigorously. They offer very useful and quality services, providing the solutions to your job related issues. You can find a job; you are eligible for and then apply for it.