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Approach Direct Gov To Claim DVLA Driving Test Pass

If you have availed the services of the driving test of any of your vehicle and want to get its claim for the license then you can do it with out much effort by going to the link of the company. With this claiming of the test pass, you can get the full license that will be issued to you by the company. The users who have the services of the test of driving of their vehicles can have this test pass claim which will done by post and also you can submit it online with the internet access. For this purpose you can see the process as given below.


  • You can do this claim of your driving test for getting the license for your vehicle, only if you have done with your test pass. With out passing the driving test that is conducted by the organization you will not be able access license issued by this website.
  • You can have the facility of having driving test pass reclaim by the Direct Gov.UK online by going to the official web site of the company. You can follow the link as given follows for further process to be followed. The link is .
  • The page will appear after entering to the above mentioned link by the title of “Driving tests, motorcycle tests and learning to drive”.  As by given by the title of the page you will have the driving tests and services of the company which is provided online to the users of the company. You can see the options about all the driving and testing services that the company in the form of related links on the page.
  • As you want a claim for the test pass of your driving so you will have to locate the link by having the title of “Claiming your driving test pass”. Click on this link and move to the next page.
  • At the next page you will be needed to click on the link “DVLA form ordering service” so that you will be given the online information to be filled.
  • After entering to the link, give the information asked by the company on the resulted page. Give your name, address, town and post code details and submit this form for online form ordering.

About Website:

This website is giving the facilities to the vehicle holders to get the training on driving. The company also offers the test pass claim service of the driving test for the licensing.