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Apply Online For Alabama Unemployment Claims & Benefits

Unemployment Compensation is what can be claimed in Alabama at the right time, so you can live the days of your unemployment without any mental stresses. It is important for everyone who is an independent individual to have an independent financial source to meet one’s needs. In order to claim your unemployment Compensation and Benefits, you need to Claim them through a proper channel.


You should have the following things ready to claim for your unemployment compensation and benefits:

  • You must be a Citizen of United States.
  • You should have your social security number.
  • You should have your State Issued Identity Card Number or your Driving License with you.
  • You should know your mother’s maiden name.
  • Your personal information, address and the dates of previous employments, if any.


In order to apply, there are two ways that you can follow. You can either make the claim through a phone call or you can make the claim through the internet.

If you have to make the claim through the internet, you need to follow these instructions:

  • Go to the website of Alabama Unemployment Compensation Office by following the ink:
  • After that at the home page you see the option that is marked as Claims.
  • You will the claim form options select the desired one and click on “Continue”.
  • You will see many button than click on “Proceed” to move on the forms.
  • Read the terms and conditions and click on “Proceed” button again.
  • You are asked in the form to give your social security number, your identity November.
  • Select the Options and click on “Continue”.
  • Complete the Sequence of steps to successfully claim files.
  • Then you have to fill in your personal information as well.
  • When you have given all of the details. You get successfully registered for the Compensation and Benefits program.


This program is very helpful for all of those who cannot find employment and are in need of support to meet their requirements.


  • You must be unemployed but not because of your own fault.
  • You should be ready to do work during every week you collect the unemployment benefits.
  • You must be seeking new job and willing to do work while you take the benefits from the organization.
  • You must also be available and must also attend all the interview calls you get in order to find a job.

About UC:

Alabama is an American State located in South-east of America.  It is 23rd most populous state of America. The Office of Unemployment Compensation and Benefits provides a facility to the people of Alabama, United States to meet their necessities of life while being Unemployed.