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Denny’s Listens Survey

Denny’s was founded in 1953. It is a very successful fast food restaurant and coffee chain. It is now having 1600 restaurants spread all across the United States and many other great countries which include Canada, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, New Zealand, Mexico, Japan, Qatar, Costa Rica, Honduras and some other regions etc.


  1. You must be having a Denny’s receipt from your last visit to it.
  2. needs receipt code ,and survey number.

Step By Step Procedure:

  1. Keep shopping receipt save.
  2. Click on
  3.  You can click on the option which will direct you to the survey page but you can also type the keywords on your search engine’s search tab and the search results will provide you with a direct link to the desire page.
  4. On survey page, you will have to provide the validation code to get further access. You can find this piece of information on your receipt.
  5. You can also change the language of the survey page which will be in English by clicking on the option present on the bottom of the page marked as “ Espanol”
  6. Once you have provided the code then you can click on the option “Continue” and if your code is correct then you will be granted further access to the survey questions.
  7. Now answer the questions of the survey honestly.
  8. Click on “Submit” after answering questions.
  9. You will be given a code at the end of it which you will have to note down on your receipt.
  10. You can redeem this code for discounts on your next visit to the Denny’s

What To Do In Case You Have A Query Regarding The Survey?

In case you have a query regarding the survey you will have to refer to the FAQs page. You may also read the terms and regulations which will serve to be a great guide. You can also take help from the help forums or you can consult from the Denny’s staff on your next visit.