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Convert Your Equal Logic Serial Number At Dell

To know how to convert your equal logic serial number at Dell, it is important to learn how you can gather diagnostic report from the arrays of Dell equal logic.  Well, as part of the RMA process or problem resolution, you may be asked by the Customer Support team to collect diagnostic information from one or several arrays of Dell storage.

Gathering Diagnostics From GUI Arrays:

Following the 4.x firmware arrival, it is now possible to gather information from GUI. It is important to note that to exercise this option you have configured and properly working SMTP server.  The process of diagnosis gathers configuration data and internal state from the array and then encodes it for purpose of transmission, and segments it to number of files which are then on the array in the area that is reserved for diagnostic uses. The data that is gathered is not inclusive of any user data from cache or disks. It is also not inclusive of group account passwords or any other information of access. In the GUI, you should select the Menu which is at left hand corners lower and then select “Diagnostic Reports”. After doing this, there will be display of menu that marks the start of diagnostic process. This menu allows you to select all members or specific member. Select the option requested by technician and then press OK.

Gathering Diagnostics From CLI:

For arrays with 2.x/3.x Firmware, you must use CLI (Command Line Interface) “diag” command. You will also use the CLI if because of any reason you cannot access GUI on 4.x Firmware array. Output files from “diag” command are stored in array until some person manually deletes them or they are overwritten by the subsequent command invocation.

Once equal logistics is fully cabled up and in working mode and the servers are installed, no room exists in a rack above the array.  Service Tag Number is still required but equal logic has been sufficiently nice for stamping tag on the array’s top.  You need to visit the official dell websites and enter your log in information. If you log in to Group Manager you need to follow link from Equal logic as to how you can find information about member service. The arrays of Dell equal Logic are not defined by service tags but serial numbers.

Step By Step Guide:

  • Open up the Group Manager
  • To login if all systems are in default, use grpadmin:grpadmin
  • Click Members
  • Choose the correct array
  • Visit the versions tab
  • Highlight backplane
  •  The backplane serial number starts with “SHU”. Take note of it
  •  Visit the website to Convert Your Equal Logic Serial Number.
  • Go to product service option and then Equal Logic Serial number option.
  •  Type the backplane serial number. You will hopefully get response
  • If it does not work, you can call support by dialing 1-800-945-3355. You should tell the support staff that you need to find your Service Tag number for Equal logic. The support staff will redirect the call to suitable number where you can be assisted.


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