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Access Cyber Drive Illinois To Get Driving License Online

The Secretary of the State is a place to visit for new driving license, license renewal and license plates etc. They are striving to encourage safety, improve customer services and reinforce the office integrity. In addition they maintain the records of the drivers and take actions against unsafe behavior and crimes. On a visit to Secretary of State, they try to make their services easily accessible and client friendly.

How To Apply?

  • You first have to visit the services facility, at
  • Click on Driver’s License from the right hand side of the page.
  • Click on “Application” from the additional links over the next page.
  • Click on “Driver Services Facility” on the page.
  • Then enter your city or zip code and select the distance.
  • Choose your required service “Driver’s License”.
  • The list of located facilities will appear.
  • Visit the facility location that best suits you.
  • Show your required documents.
  • And get your photo taken.
  • Give up the entire legal requirement.
  • Surrender all valid out of state licenses, ID cards and instruction permits.
  • Pay the license fee.
  • Get through the required exams (written, vision screening, practical)


  • Follow the online instructions, rules and regulations and cooperate with the administration.
  • Driving license comes up with great sense of responsibility and obligations. Always take care and never compromise on your and others safety and well being.
  • If you are a driver under the age of 21, then you should visit the other page, Graduated Driver’s License.

About Company:

The office of the Secretary of State is the second largest Constitutional office. More people of this state pay a visit there, than to any other office in the state. The office produces estimated $2 billion annually overturn, as of which $1.2 billion annually intended for state highway construction funds.

They are directing one of the largest computer databases in this site, keeping a check on more or less 8.7 million drivers and 11 million registered automobiles. The office also plays a very significant role in enlightening and educating the general public regard the wide range of issues that may have an influence on the daily lives, such as traffic prevention and safety, literacy, drunken driving, drugs and donations.