Monday , 22 January 2018
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Access CWDS To Search Training Through Job Gateway

The State of Pennsylvania has developed a website called Commonwealth Workforce Development System. It is also known as CWDS. It is part of Pennsylvania Career Link. This website helps Pennsylvania residents by giving them access to living services which are provided by the Departments of Labor & Industry and Public Welfare. Any job seekers and individuals seeking occupational service can use CWDS.

On This Website You Can:

  • Create resumes
  • Research your skills
  • Look for jobs.
  • Find training

Here Is How To Access Online Training?

  • From the CWDS website you will see columns labeled Individuals, Employers, and Service providers. The first two columns will share the Heading “Job Gateway”. Job gateway is a CW DS tool which tries to connect seekers with providers of employment.
  • Find the Training Link in the orange column. You will also see a Find Training link below. You may access it from that link as well.
  • After you click the training link you will be brought to the certified training programs provider list. Immediately you will have search criteria to enter. Drop-down menus will ask you for what you are looking and where.
  • If you have any questions about what these categories mean there is a contact us and feedback link below the field.
  • When you’re through entering the information hit the search button. That search button will provide results in your immediate area. This will appear directly below the search criteria box.
  • Select the provider you would like to learn more about by clicking the select button to the left of the name. Then collect and click view a provider detail.

The CWDS website will give you a profile information listing every service which is available to you. It is a very user-friendly website with a lot of helpful information you don’t need an account to use it. The more information you give them the original search criteria boxes the more likely you want to find match.

Shortcut To Find Training: