Friday , 23 February 2018
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Online Activation Of Canadian Tire Credit Card

Canadian Tire Corporation has introduced its credit card for the comfort of its customers. The financial services of the company own a bank working under Canada’s Bank Act and issue these credit cards. With the availability of this credit card the customers can make easy payments and they can also get many benefits extra than some of the specific ones. There are few different kinds of credit card and these are cash advantage master card, options master card and gas advantage master card. For the customers who complain about the money losses and other frauds are now given the facility of online activation of this card through which they can use this more safely and comfortably.

Before you start using the credit card issued by the company then you must activate it first and now you can do it through internet at their official website.

How To Activate?

  • Having the credit card in your hand go to the home page at .
  • On the home page you get opened, you are asked your credit card number and your social security number, type both of the requirements in the related fields.
  • Click on the grey colored button “continue”.
  • On the next window, you are given a form asking for your personal information; enter all the required information in the respected fields.
  • For the protection of your account create your password and a user ID which you will use to login to your account.
  • After the activation of your credit card you can use it immediately for purchasing any items at shop.
  • You are provided all the facilities related to this card over internet.


The customers can get extra benefits with the availability of credit card with them and they can easily use it through internet and can make payments which is the safer and faster process as well as the activation is a process of few minutes and is done in a very less time.

About Company:

It is a network of intermingled retailing businesses. It provides financial services, hard goods, petroleum, apparel and automotive services to many of its customers. In the list of first 60 publicly traded companies of Canada it is also considered the one.