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Get Costco International Photo Contest Membership

There has been and still a passion and urge for a lot of people to take photographs for the sake of fun or capturing memorable moments. Some people are also there who want to take it as a profession. Being a professional photographer is not easy; somehow it is very tricky and need a lot of experience and capabilities in the requited field. Many people are in to this field either as professional or for the sake of their interest. Costco is here to analyze the capacity and exposure of the people who want serious work in the world of photography. It is a place of all the passionate people regarding photography and they have strong erg to prove themselves as a true photography lover. All such people can find an excellent platform and show case their talent.


  • If you are interested in international Photo Contest and want to become a good part of this arrangement then you can do it by very simple steps. You just need to go at the official web site so that you can further proceed. For this open up your web browser and type in the browser window the following link. .
  •  The first and foremost requirement for getting in to the contest is that you have some of your work with you in the form of photographs clicked by yourself. This can work as criteria of your judgment and entering into the contest. The photographs should of a level so that you may get into the contest.
  •  At the resulted page after entering the above link, you will be asked to complete some basic information fields related to your contest. You will have to complete the fields as per requirements asked. Follow the directions to complete all the requirements completely. Any contest form with field that is not filled properly will be discarded from the contest.
  •  You will have to give correct information. You will have to fill out fields relate to your “Name”, “Address”, “Email ID”. Also you have to fill some more information which is related to your eligibility for the competition.
  •  After that you will be asked whether you are agreed with the terms and conditions. You must accept all the conditions related to the competition for your entry in the contest.
  •  After that you will have to attach a picture. That picture will be necessarily taken by you so that it can get better judgment about you.
  •  Click on the “Submit” button to properly submit your form for the contest.


  • All your photo graphs which you may attach with your form must be at the size of 4×6.
  • Convert your image in JPGE file if you are using digital images with your form.

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