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Install Your Comcast Digital Box Online By Yourself

Comcast cable service is received and used through the basic digital cable receiver that is required to be installed and activated through the internet. The receiver has to be set perfectly well and in a proper manner so that you can take advantage from the best of Comcast Services at your disposal. The company is the one to own its equipments and gives as a lease its receivers to the subscribers. A field technician is the one that activates the cable box for the new subscribers, but already using members can replace and install a new one on their own just by following the instructions.

Installation Instructions:

  • Connect the digital box to the television and the cable service wire.
  • Make sure that you have the Comcast Cable jack available and connect it to the cable box.
  • Now, use your computer to access the following link in order to activate the box:
  • Now the site would require you to enter your Comcast account number.
  • When you are entering the account number, you will have to follow all the screen prompts that will guide you to its activation.
  • The procedure is really easy and the screen prompts are comprehensive enough to guide you correctly to the activation.


If the digital box does not get activated then the Comcast holds responsibility for it and you need to contact Comcast right at the spot. You can contact Comcast ether through online means and you can approach the nearest Comcast operating services through a phone call as well. Comcast makes sure to give a prompt response to you.


You can be able to easily help yourself to install your digital box very easily by using the procedure. You do not need to take anyone else’s help to do your installation and activation. It is time saving and enables you to understand the working behind the activation of your cable box.

About Comcast:

Comcast is an American Company which works to provide internet, communications and cable services to its users. It is the largest cable operating company in the United States. The corporation works to provide the cable data to both the commercial users and the residential users. It has its headquarters in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Comcast Corporation has extended its facility provision to 40 States of America along with the District Columbia. Comcast is successfully providing the best of communications and digital entertainment services to all of the covered areas successfully.