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Join City Bank To Apply For Thank you Preferred Card

It has devised many plans and cards services for the customers of the bank to get them facilitated with the new and beneficial services. The company has given the services of cards with different benefits and the issuing of the cards is given by a specific process, that is done online and on the online web site of the company. If you are also a customer of this bank and want to avail the advantageous which are given at the thank you preferred card then you must also go through the proper application process for the Thank You Preferred Card. You can see the steps below for the application of the company cards you required.


You must have to access the online web site of the company for getting started. For this reason you can go to this link which will give you the required page of your need. The web site link is You can get all the cards and their services information at the redirected page.

For the application process for the Thank you Preferred Card online you must have to go to the option of this card. This thank You card option is located at the page with other card options. At that option, you will have to click on the button “Apply Now”.

After this, you will have to fill out the information. Give your email address, first name, last name and your title. After this give your address information in the form of your city and your state name.

After your personal information give your Employment & Financial Information at the same page. Complete this section with correct information.

Give your contact number in the below field and then enter your date of birth and a security question after the above information. Accept the agreement by the company and ten click on the button “Verify Application” so that your application will be verified and then you can move to the further steps of the application process.

After this, verify your approval status and then you will be given a new page. At the next page you will have to select the card options given at the page. Complete the process for the application of card.

About Company:

This Bank has its name in providing best banking services to the customers of the company. Besides this the company is willing for the welfare of their users so that they can get best while being with the bank.