Tuesday , 16 January 2018
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Enroll To Chase Credit Card Account To Get Benefits

These cards offered by the bank to its customers are meant to enable them carry out transactions without having to walk to the bank. You can use them to conduct business transactions by sending or receiving money at any time. This therefore is a way in which the bank facilitates the manner in which business transactions are carried out. For personal account holders, these credit cards are important in carrying out purchases online or at the various stores which accept the cards as a form of payment.


  • Reliable source of internet.
  • Own an account with chase bank.

Detailed instructions:

  • Visit the website www.chase.com/creditcards .
  • See the option “Setup New Online Account” from the right hand side of the page.
  • Choose the type of account and then put account or card number, Social Security Number.
  • Get identification code and then choose unique password for you secure account.
  • Accept terms and conditions and then choose their credit services that you want to have.
  • Activate you account by confirmation message in your inbox of the email address.
  • Finish the series of steps and enjoy benefits of credit cards.


Immediately you complete the process of enrollment, you can then wait for a confirmation message that you have completed the application. From here the benefits that you can enjoy are not any different from the other credit card holders. Purchasing items online is now a simple task than it used to be. Receiving money from other account holders online also becomes a minor issue.

With all these benefits, you can now think of even going the extra distance to do business online knowing that your funds are safe with the online account. Receiving and paying clients online is now made much easier with the credit card. There are also other benefits that you can enjoy as a consumer with the card. You can top up your account, transfer funds from your card online and also be in a position to obtain overdraft facilities whenever necessary. Since you are now enrolled, start enjoying the benefits.