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Apply For CB Online Signature Current Account

To have and online account provides you a series of services that you can access for free. This bank is offering Signature Current account to its customers through whom they can get the following facilities car breakdown cover, family travel insurance, gadget and mobile phone insurance and ID defender. You can save money by shopping at major store using this card. Discounts on tickets, holidays, events are also offered. Besides all this there are many other facilities that you can avail. Without wasting your time, sign up for this account.


  • To access account, go to the link .
  • At the top of the page there is a grey colored bar, select the option “Current Accounts” from it.
  • On the next page you will see a red colored button “Find Out More” given under the heading “Signature Current Account”, go to it.
  • On the next page you will be given all the details about this service.
  • See on the right hand side of the page there is box with heading “How To Apply”, in this box there is a button “Existing Customer Upgrade”, if you already have account then go to this button.
  • If you are new then look down this button there is a link “Opening A Current Account”, go to it to sign up.
  • You will be shown all the things that you require to create this account, read them and scroll down the page and click on the button “Apply Today”.
  • On the next page a short form is given that is for your account enquiry.
  • There are four questions with drop down menus, read the questions and select the answers accordingly.
  • Provide the related information such that your first name, surname, home phone, mobile, email and click on the button “next step”.
  • Complete the steps and you will be created your account, enjoy all the benefits the bank is providing.


The bank is offering its extra ordinary services for the customers who have signature current account. After getting your registered for this account you can enjoy all the facilities provided to you.

About Company:

CB stands for Clydesdale Bank and it was created in 1838. In 1920 Midland Bank acquired it. It is Scottish bank and now it is the largest and most familiar bank of Scotland.