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Join British Airways To Claim For Damaged & Lost Baggage

Besides giving the comfortable traveling and good passenger services the company has provided its customers with claiming process with which they can get compensation for the damaged or for the lost baggage or you can also give that notice to the company authority.  For this purpose you must have to claim for your baggage from the following given process.


  • The claiming is provided online so for this purpose you must have to go to the official link of the company’s web site. You can go to the following link to proceed. .
  • After you will be entered to the link as mentioned above, you will have to give the information about your country and the language in which you want to proceed for the claiming of Damaged and lost baggage from the company. You will be given the country options from the drop down menu list. Select your “country” from the list.
  • Below the list, you will have to select the “language”. The by default language is English. If you want to change it they you can yon can choose it from the menu given below. After this, press the “Continue” button below. You will have to select this information at first time of use.
  • At the resulted page, you can see the entire details and information regarding the services provided by the company in order to give the solutions on the baggage problems.
  • You will be needed to go to the option by the title of “Claiming for lost baggage, damaged baggage and damaged and missing contents”. Here under this option you can see the entire further process for your lost or damage baggage claim.
  • You can also see the link related to all kind of issues which can be experienced by the users of the company. Click on the link named as “Start a claim for baggage compensation”.
  • After clicking you will be given some information to be filled. Give the personal details of user as asked. After that give journey details in the form of flight number date, destination and other information as asked. Give the details about your bags and luggage and then submit that info to the company.
  • Tell them details about the ‘On Arrival”,”Your Claim” information into the respective section on the page under the headings.
  • Accept terms and conditions and click on “Submit” button.

About Company:

Company has considered it very well to provide the passengers many fine and comfortable services with which they can have a good flying experience and traveling. The time management and passenger satisfaction is the main focus for the company.