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How To Create Blog On Blogspot

It is a service for publishing blogs which allows blogs by multiple users along with entries that are time-stamped. Pyra Labs developed it and in 2003, Google bought this service. Generally, blogs tend to be hosted by the website Google at’s subdomain. Till 1st May, 2010 the users were allowed to have their blogs published over other hosts, through FTP. All blogs that way had to be brought back to the servers of Google. Unlike WordPress, it is unable to be installed over any web server. DNS facilities have to be used for directing any custom URL to the domain of blogspot.

  • In order to create blog you must have the following things:
  • You should have proper email ID along with registration.
  • You must have complete profile with your name.

Method to create Blog:

  • First of all, click on the link provide your email ID and password and click on New Blog, where you have to allocate title like “Myown Blog” and URL address  such as in the fields and click on the button “Create Blog”.
  • You can also browse it through the template available in thumbnails. You can check preview of any template and can select number of columns and finally click on link below the template “Apply to blog”
  • In the new window, you can change the setting of your blog by clicking on toolbar, where you can add new title and short narration about your blog. There are also various security option that can be selected through Yes or No option, which allows the user to make blog private, mean either you want to show it through search engine or not.
  • You can also edit many of design and widgets in the toolbar. For example you can add Facebook and Twitter link in your blog and method for finding widgets so that visitors of the blog can easily search your posted contents.
  • In the last, click on the “Posting button” in order to post new contents. For this purpose, write the title in the title field and remaining text in the text field. You can also color it and can add video and photos by browsing your computer and embedding the video code by copying and pasting it on the html link top above by editing it. You can moreover add Label name so that reader can easily find your content.  In the end, check the preview of your text to be posted and click on “publish your post”

It is a great place for the people interested in blogging and after, Google servers were involved, many latest features were also introduced which included label organization, reading permissions for creating private blogs as well as options for Web Feed, geo-tagging, re-sizing of post-editor vertically, Compose mode for Link editing as well as support for Safari 3. One user could have hundred blogs for each account he has and a range of services to incorporate.