Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Enter To BI-LO Survey To Share Ideas

Every entrepreneur wants to know how his customers feel about the services they are offering. It is the small details that can make a difference on whether the business will succeed or not. You may ignore some little elements here or there not knowing that it is those small things that matter to your customers. It is therefore imperative that you are always on the know how on what your customers want and what they do not want. When you have this information with you, you will always endeavor to make sure that your customers are satisfied and are always coming back. It is because of this reasons that BI-LO Survey is important to the company.  With the survey they are able to comprehend their customers’ needs, attractions, tastes etc therefore making sure that the customers are always a happy lot when living the company stores after shopping for their favourite groceries.

How To Enter?

  • Visit site .
  • After doing your shopping at any of the stores, you can check the bottom of the receipt for a the 18 digit survey code
  • Go to the survey portal and enter the number to begin the survey
  • Once you have competed you can submit the survey.

What You Will Find By Sharing Ideas?

Getting customers to do surveys might be an uphill task. Most customers will shy away from giving their opinions due to one reason or another. And since surveys are normally voluntary, its might become difficult to persuade unresponsive customer from doing the surveys and returning back the complete survey forms online. This has resulted to companies getting ways of encouraging customers to do the surveys.

  • Giving customers a chance to enter into a sweepstake raffle will encourage customers to do the surveys. To be eligible for the surveys you must be above 21 years.
  • Sending invitation to surveys through the customers email can also encourage customers to do the surveys.
  • Assuring customers that the surveys information and personal data will be kept private can also encourage customers do the surveys.


  • You get to know the tastes and preferences of customers
  • You may also get to know competitor information on their strength and weaknesses


  • Surveys alone cannot be sufficient to give you the true picture of your market
  • Customers can give incorrect information or might be dishonest

About Company:

It is a retail store selling fresh groceries in several states and cities in the US. With over 15,000 employees also known as teammates, they bring quality service to their customers all the time.