Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Register At Merrill Lynch Benefits

The customers of Merrill lynch are provided the benefits and retirement services online at Merrill lynch benefits information center which is a website. Being a customer of Merrill lynch you can have an account and can access it any time you want to access from anywhere. It is quite convenient and beneficial to have one. By having an account at Merrill lynch benefits information center you can avail all the facilities regarding the services of retirement which includes advices for financial set up and planning for investment.

Do not waste your time in thinking and just get start with Merrill lynch being their member by signing up at their online website for no charges to pay. By having an online account you can check the performance of your account, you can check the investments individually and your account balance. One of the good things is that you can create your account for free. So waiting for what? Go and avail all the opportunities just by clicking once no matter wherever you are sitting.


  • Approach the online website of Merrill lynch benefits information center at
  • At the top left side of the page a link “create user ID” is given in the column, go to it.
  • Type the 9 digit social security code in the area given for it. This is for the verification of your security.
  • Press the button “continue” to proceed.
  • Type your user ID that should be unique and also a password for your account.
  • To submit your information click “submit”.
  • A confirmation message will be shown on the screen.
  • After registration login to your account and avail all the services.
  • For the policies you may look for the page at


To have an account at Merrill lynch benefits information center allows you to access all their services that they offer to their customers. In fact your financial affairs get more security than ever before.

About Merrill Lynch:

The division of bank of America that manages wealth and the third largest institution of finance is popular with the name Merrill Lynch. It has more than 59 million customers. It provides the services that are helping people in making right decisions for the investment of their money.